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Speaking (or Writing) Things Into Existence

In 2017 my mentor showed me a book that basically served as a blueprint for the life she lives now. Everything was dated, and after she wrote it, and then lived it. I began to do the same thing in 2018. I’ve been through several books, but my experience has been the same. God will fulfill every promise!

If you have any desire, write it down! I promise that there is so much intention and clarity in writing down things that you are feeling or writing down your goals. I have a new way of writing now. I have one book where there are no lines and I like to write or draw; it gives me more range to put whatever there. In my very first one, I taped my very first plane ticket in there due to overcoming my fear of flying. Now that Ive been doing this for years, I like to write actual words on lines. It forces me to really detail what I want to say. So it’s 2 paragraphs. The first one I like to pray for “something.” What do I desire? What do I need to be better? Discipline, endurance, clarity, etc. And then the second paragraph I like to just thank God for what he has already done and given me. And THAT I feel is the power of my writing. If he never gives me anything I am seeking (which he will and he has), I am thanking him for what is already so.

In writing this blog, I decided that I would attach a page that I wrote at the top of the year that really shifted my life in a major way. I wrote about increase, being mobile, and being global. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that this year was such a special year and God did his big one. I was able to join the Sports Illustrated family as a finalists in the swim search, work and travel internationally (I was very clear), and to now, MOVING! That’s increase. That’s global impact. That’s mobility.

While it seems like my life is a walk in the park, looking back at this post also made me realize that maybe I prayed my way into some of my heart breaks. I was in a relationship prior to writing this (a healthy one). :) Fortunately for me I was able to eventually process my heart break and attribute that to the journey of my increase. While it may not have been what I wanted at the time, it was what I needed.

Did I have to sacrifice my relationship for my mobility or increase? Maybe. But that’s the part. His divine timing is always better than our own and when you ask or pray for something, don’t be surprised when room has to be made for it. I had to think bigger, be a better woman, and take risks. I encourage you all to do the same.

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